Last week, fresh reports from Brazil made it look like Chelsea were getting closer to signing Gabriel Moscardo from Corinthians.

It was first claimed that the Blues submitted a new bid for the midfielder, and the player himself admitted there’s been big interest from the Stamford Bridge side.

As journalist Jorge Nicola now talks about Chelsea’s interest, he actually brings discouraging news.

He claims to have spoken to someone close to Moscardo, someone who has been looking for clubs who want to sign him. This source says there’s no negotiation with the Blues at all.

Nicola was told that Moscardo should actually get a transfer to Barcelona in the future, as the Catalan side like him but can’t move because there’s no money for the operation, as Corinthians are said to be demanding €25m for the transfer.

With those conflicting claims in the Brazilian media, we shall now wait and see who’s right about Chelsea’s interest. If even the player confirmed that the Blues are keen, it’s strange to see that being dismissed like that.