With Cristiano Ronaldo’s unexpected arrival at Manchester United, Edinson Cavani’s status at the club obviously had a big change.

The Uruguayan striker, who’d just extended his contract for one year, was expected to be the team’s main centre-forward this season, and should now lose his place to the Portuguese star.

That’s why several comments have been made on the situation, with the latest quotes from former Red Devils striker Dimitar Berbatov doing the rounds in the world media today.

To keep up with the story, ESPN Brasil managed to speak to some sources who explained how Cavani currently feels at the club.

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People close to Cavani claimed it’s only ‘a matter of time’ until he get backs to the team, adding that Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence ‘isn’t an intimidating factor for the striker.

It’s pointed out that the Uruguayan player has been alongside the likes of Luis Suarez, Kylian Mbappe, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Neymar, and ‘if he was on the pitch with them, why wouldn’t he play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo?’

ESPN Brasil writes that Cavani ‘should stay in England for the coming months’, as his contract with Manchester United expires at the end of the season.

Despite the player’s will to return to the team, he’s been ruled out of Sunday’s match against West Ham United, with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirming that the 34-year-old is recovering from an injury.