Earlier this week, we covered a brief interview Matías Godoy gave to Infobae.

The young Argentine, who is currently with his country’s U17 national team for their World Cup, was asked about Chelsea’s interest in his services, which reportedly dates back to February.

The forward said he was ‘filled with pride’ at the fact a club the size of the Blues was looking at him, but there are others who have been alerted by his performances during the competition.

According to FC Inter News, both Inter and Milan have reportedly ‘asked for information’ about the youngster and are ‘studying’ him.

They mention Chelsea, claiming Frank Lampard’s side have been following him ‘for some time’, probably referring to the claims back in February.

However, if they have information about Inter and Milan, they’ve probably heard from the same source the Premier League club are lurking too.

It seems there could more about this in the future, especially if non-Argentine sources start claiming Chelsea’s interest, so we’ll be keeping an eye on things.