In the past few days, there have been some rumours in the English media saying that Andre Carrillo would like to stay at Watford even after his loan spell comes to an end.

But if this is a story the Peruvian player has been telling his teammates at the Premier League club, he’s just saying the opposite when speaking to the Portuguese media.

The Benfica loanee was interviewed by O Jogo this weekend, and actually claimed that he’s using the year at Watford as a showcase to earn a place at the Portuguese side next season.

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The interview was made for the Benfica pages of the newspaper, so Watford were barely mentioned during the talk.

“I am another Benfica fan and I will always be,” Carrillo told O Jogo. “Benfica will recover from the start they had this season and finish winning another championship because they have a very rich squad.

“I had to leave looking for more minutes, but I have the best memories of Benfica, to whom I will return next season with more experience.

“I hope to have a good season at Watford and demonstrate all my potential to deserve a new opportunity at Benfica, the club that bet on me after leaving Sporting. I am very grateful for this.”

But in five appearances for the Hornets so far, Carrillo is still to make any assists or score any goals. So if he really wants Benfica to be impressed, he needs to show more over the rest of the season.

There’s every chance Carrillo is eyeing a Watford stay, but not being straight with the Portuguese media, something somewhere isn’t quite right.