As Helsingborg youngster Casper Widell has an impressive start to his career at the club and starts drawing big attention from the local media, there is good news for Manchester United in case they ever decide to take an interest in him.

Speaking of the exciting season he’s been having, the defender has now revealed that some of his plans for his future includes to play for the Red Devils one day.

“My favourite team are Manchester United so someday I’ll play for Manchester United. And I want to do that when I’m on top,” he told Helsingborgs Dagblad (via Fotbollskanalen).

“I have always said to myself that my goal is to become one of the best in Sweden and one of the best in the world.”

Still, he claims that a move out of Helsingborg is not his priority right now, as he wants to continue proving himself at the Swedish side.

“I’ve handed it over to my agent who takes care of it. I have my focus here at HIF and on the Allsvenskan 2022 with HIF. You never know what will happen on the road.”

When covering Widell’s quotes, Fotbollskanalen points out that according to a recent report from Aftonbladet, there are several Belgian sides who’ve shown interest in his signing, including Brugge.

The defender is expected to soon make his debut for the Swedish national team, and that’s when his price will certainly grow.

Perhaps that’s also when Manchester United can start taking an interest in him, unless they already have, of course…