Following all the controversy from the last international break, South Americans are now said to be ‘optimistic’ about their chances of having players from the Premier League in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

The story is told by UOL, who say the UK Government should open an exception for the internationals to travel with no need of quarantine on their return.

That’s good news for several Premier League stars, including Leeds United winger Raphinha, who missed a big chance to represent Brazil in the last break.

Speaking to the Brazilian media this week, the player confirmed he was ‘upset’ when he wasn’t able to join the national team, even though he understood the club’s position, as they’d end up missing him during his quarantine.

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UOL’s piece brings a few details about the new plan. It’s said there’d be a bubble for the players not to leave the national team concentration unless they’re going to training or games.

The same would happen in their first 10 days in England following the return, as they’d need to stay home when not moving on club duties.

Raphinha is one of the Premier League players who are expected to be in Brazil’s squad which will be out on Friday. In the last call up, nine internationals from English clubs were stopped from travelling.

Brazil’s squad would likely aim to meet up around October 4th, and then travel back to their clubs on the 15th, that would see the Leeds United player living in a bubble from the 4th to the 25th, and potentially longer.