Earlier on Saturday Sport Witness covered claims from Record that Rafa Silva could leave Benfica on loan, and that Wolves could be his destination.

The Championship club are flying high with imports from Portugal, and with Benfica said to be looking for a home for Rafa, who cost them around €16m from Braga last year, Wolves were an obvious pick… and the only club named in the report.

Wolves would take Rafa on loan, and whilst everything was still at the idea stage, Record presented it as something which could happen in January.

Interestingly, other Portuguese newspapers are also running the idea of a Rafa Silva exit.

O Jogo have a big article saying ‘Rafa at the exit door’ and their reasons for a potential parting of the ways with Benfica are similar to what Record stated, the attacker simply isn’t important enough right now at the Lisbon side.

Correio de Manha report similar, and it’s all building to be too much of a coincidence.

Somebody must be pushing the idea of a Rafa Silva exit, because it’s simply too hard to believe that at least three Portuguese newspapers would go with the claims unless that was the case.

It could be that Benfica are keen to get the idea of a Rafa loan out there, seeing if it brings any interest to the Lisbon club ahead of January.

Wolves aren’t mentioned by the other two newspapers, no potential destination is, which may suggest Record assumed the Championship club could be a destination, given their previous recruitment.

There’s a lot of smoke around this one right now, and whilst there is quite often transfer smoke without an actual fire, this one has the potential to turn into something. Whether that ends up with Rafa Silva at Wolves could very much depend on how the English club feel about it, with this one being edged their way.