Jonny has rightfully been all over the Spanish media since the Wolves player, who is on loan from Atletico Madrid for the season, was called up by Luis Enrique.

The former Barcelona manager has made it very clear he’ll call up exactly who he likes, regardless of record with national team, and wanted Jonny in because of his Wolves form and also because he knows the player from their time at Celta Vigo together.

Whilst Enrique may be one of Jonny’s biggest backers, the player’s oldest brother has revealed that, as children, he wasn’t so convinced this brilliant career lay ahead.

Sergio Castro Otto is the eldest of four brothers, report Marca, and he was recently elected as mayor of San Bernardo, a village he moved to 14 years ago to help build a water treatment plant.

Sergio says his brother, who he speaks to every day, is ‘humble’, and adds: “He was the smallest and at the time when we were choosing teams, we always chose him last. In the end it was him who left us all behind.”

The family is thrilled that Jonny has been called up to Spain’s senior club, and Marca say they all hold a ‘dream’ of seeing him in a European Championship or World Cup.