Jan Vertonghen spoke to several Belgium media outlets on Wednesday, as well as giving a press conference during the international break.

Therefore the Tottenham player’s words are all over the country’s media and the main theme is that he intends to continue with international football and believes Tottenham will certainly use their clause to extend his contract by a further year.

There were also some other comments about the World Cup and the pressure during the Japan match. As Belgium were losing 2-0 and set to see their dreams fall to pieces, Vertonghen got one back, and his country went on to win the game.

Speaking to De Morgen, the Spurs player explained: “If we had lost that match, I would not have liked to return to Belgium, you should not think about it, get the whole nation at you.

“I was more relieved than happy, at 0-2 you think: this is going to be an anti-climax, when it was such a great opportunity to write history. Fortunately, my header went in the goal, Fellaini quickly scored the 2-2. and Chadli finished it in the final seconds.”

Asked if his talks about the World Cup with his Tottenham teammates, Vertonghen said: “I occasionally share a joke with the English in our team, they have a slightly less big mouth now. (Laughs) I nevertheless decided not to let them down. teasing a lot, but occasionally it’s hard to leave it, even with Lloris I talked about Russia for a while, France won the World Cup, it had a very strong team. We were perhaps the most attractive country, but that does not always win, and we need to be aware of that.”

Jan Vertonghen and his Belgium team face Scotland in a friendly this week before a Nations League match against Iceland.