Watford’s interest in Boca Juniors star Cristian Pavon has been a hot topic in Argentina since the reports from Thursday.

It was TyC who first claimed the Hornets are looking to sign the 23-year-old this summer, and yesterday said a bid could be made for him ‘in the coming hours’.

Even though none of the local outlets, not even TyC, seems to be very sure about the approach, it’s normal to have the local press covering the story. And only one other website came up with new claims.

TN brings a very similar story, this time revealing the amount which Watford could pay for Pavon. They say the Hornets could make a bid of €25m for the player.

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These numbers are said to be enough for Boca Juniors to sell, partly because they would also be getting rid of one of the best paid players in their squad.

What continues to make us raise or eyebrows to this story is the amount of ‘could’ and ‘would’ included in their texts. It doesn’t look like they’re confident about Watford’s interest, so let’s take it easy on this one.