In a very special afternoon for Arsene Wenger in his farewell from the Emirates Stadium, the Arsenal boss continued showing a lot of gratitude for all the honours he received.

Some of the praise came from ESPN Brasil, who didn’t only interview the manager, but also congratulated him for the fantastic work he’s done for the London side.

Arsene Wenger not only thanked reporter Renato Senise, but also showed his admiration for Brazil as well, saying a little of his inspiration at Arsenal comes from the South American country.

“Thank you very much. I can tell you I love Brazil as well, you know,” Arsene Wenger told ESPN. “Since I was a kid, I admire Brazilians for their football.

“Maybe if I want to play the football I like, it’s because of Brazil as well. Because I was an admirer of Pelé and Garrincha when I was a young boy. And that’s good.”

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It’s been a while since Arsene Wenger last had a chance to have a Brazilian shining for the Gunners.

The last were Edu Gaspar and Gilberto Silva, both crucial in the unbeaten Premier league campaign in the 2003-04 season. Before them, left-back Sylvinho was also able to leave a good impression for a couple of years. Unfortunately, other players such as Juan, André Santos, Julio Baptista, and Eduardo da Silva couldn’t repeat that same success.