Leicester City midfielder Adrien Silva is on the front page of Portuguese newspaper Record today, as his former club Sporting continue to work on his return.

What the outlet has to say today is that it’s all in the Foxes’ hands. Sporting want Adrien, Adrien wants Sporting, and they now ask the Premier League side to make some efforts so a loan deal is possible.

This effort is basically to pay for part of his salary until the end of the season. Record claims that the Lions can’t afford the €5m gross the player makes per season in England, so Leicester would have to keep paying around 50% of that.

It’s said that although Sporting don’t have the money, they have the patience. So the Portuguese club would have no problem in waiting for the last days of the winter transfer market to get a deal done.

Record also adds that a buying clause could be included in the contract, but since the negotiations still didn’t go that far, that’s a subject to be discussed later.

Adrien was signed by Leicester from Sporting in the summer of 2017 on a €24.5m deal. He only became available to play for the Foxes in January 2018, and has only made 21 appearances for the club so far.

Earlier reports in Portugal said Adrien had agreed to a pay cut.