Christian Eriksen to Barcelona is quite possibly the favourite topic for sections of Denmark’s football media.

The mere idea simply needs to be suggested for everything to go into overdrive. Back in June, Eriksen to Barcelona was very much ‘a thing’ in Denmark, despite there being very little reason for that.

Denmark’s national manager was quizzed on it, the Tottenham player himself was quizzed on it, and it all seemed to be a planned effort to make Eriksen to Barcelona as big a story a possible.

It was noticed in Catalonia, but given nowhere near the attention probably hoped for.

Given all of that, when it was suggested in England the Tottenham player could be a Philippe Coutinho alternative for Barcelona, there was bound to be a Danish reaction.

At Sport Witness, we encouraged our followers to keep it quiet, nobody tell the Danish the Danish media, but it was too late.

The front page of Saturday’s Ekstra Bladet sport section conveys ERIKSEN TO BARCELONA EXCITEMENT. Shout it from the perfectly sloping rooftops: Our boy from Middelfart is being linked to Barcelona again.

Ekstra Bladet say Barcelona’s Plan B, their Coutinho alternative, is actually Plan C: Christian.

There’s then the usual. Eriksen has shown at Tottenham that he could fit Barcelona’s game system brilliantly, but Daniel Levy would be a hard nut to crack.

There’s no inside information claimed from the Danish newspaper, just a heap of excitement that’s becoming infectious.

Unfortunately for the idea becoming reality, Ekstra Bladet are entirely correct about Levy, and he’d relish the opportunity to bring Barcelona out in cold sweats.

Maybe one day, Denmark, maybe one day. A street party on Nyhavn for everyone!