Former PSV and Schalke 04 winger Jefferson Farfan is still looking for a club to play for. The Peruvian international, who spent the last season at Al-Jazira, has been unattached since November.

The player has been recently linked to many moves as as his agents work on finding a destination. Recent rumours said he could be joining Allianza Lima, his first club as a youngster.

Now Peruvian site Bocon has an article about Farfan’s future, saying reports from the English press claimed he could be off to Sheffield Wednesday.

The most interesting thing in the article is that they say that a return to Peru is completely ruled out by the player. Farfan still has Europe as a priority and wouldn’t consider playing at his home country so soon.

Farfan is said to be currently training in his house in Lima as he gets prepared for his new challenge. Despite the website calling the rumours ‘strong’, they still seem pretty vague to us.

We can’t find English reports on Sheffield Wednesday interest, so this looks to be coming from Peru. Maybe Farfan is in his house training whilst dreaming of a Sheffield Wednesday move.