Although we’re still to see strong reports of Sheffield United making a bid for Roger Martinez, the Blades continue to be named in stories about the Club America striker.

The latest updates from the Mexican media say the player could actually stay at his club, but things are not so simple.

The information comes from journalist Billy Escobar. He confirms there’s a club interested in the player, and says the striker’s attitude hasn’t been taken well at America. Last weekend, he refused to celebrate a goal scored against Monterrey.

Escobar also claims that for Martinez to stay, he would ask for a pay rise. Still, it’s the player’s desire to move to Europe, and his agent feels the same way.

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When covering the claims, website Juan Futbol says the attacker could stay ‘despite Sheffield United’s offer being real’. They can’t really report a bid from the Blades, but take the situation as if he really had an offer from the Premier League side.

Meanwhile, website America Monumental also had a story on Saturday where they mention Martinez’s ‘safe’ move to England.

But as we said, there haven’t been concrete reports about any efforts from Sheffield United to sign Martinez. Even his father confirmed the interest from the Blades, but any claims about a bid or even a negotiation are still to be seen.