When Monchi left AS Roma there was a widespread assumption he’d be moving to Arsenal to work alongside Unai Emery again.

Some jumped the gun and reported he’d be at the Premier League within days. Over in Spain, Marca explained that whilst there was an offer from the Gunners, things weren’t quite so advanced and they’d have to wait to get their man.

Now things aren’t looking so good at all.

On Friday, Sevilla announced they’d sacked manager Pablo Machin and that sports director Joaquin Caparros would be taking over until the end of the season.

That leaves the Spanish club without a sports director.

Marca then reported that Sevilla had contacted Monchi to see if he’d return to the club, which was obviously bad news for any Arsenal hopes of appointing him.

Now there’s worse news. The club’s president Pepe Castro has been speaking at a press conference, and his comments have been picked up by Estadio Deportivo.

Castro explained: “Joaquin will no longer be director of football, to focus on the bench. Sevilla is already working on the incorporation of a sports director, the best is Monchi, and we have contacted him, we will work to reach that agreement. We want a project with Monchi, both parties are optimistic.

“Monchi is very receptive, we need a sports director for now, Caparros is in the first team, the talks are going well and going well for (him to be appointed) soon.”

Perhaps Arsenal weren’t as keen as reported, or weren’t quick enough.