With Lionel Messi now officially a free agent, the Argentine star is making it clear he wasn’t joking about leaving Barcelona in case they don’t make him a convincing offer this summer.

That’s why the Camp Nou side now seem to be doing literally everything they can to keep their biggest legend, and the latest news from Spain shows how far they are willing to go to achieve that.

Cope reports that since La Liga now have a salary cap for each club, Barcelona can’t make Messi a very big offer without dropping the salary of their other players, which is what they could try to do.

However, according to journalist Victor Navarro, many ‘heavyweights’ from the squad don’t support that possibility and several lawyers have been saying their clients are not taking a pay cut, as ‘what is signed is signed’.

This all sounds like an absurd idea from the off, and as Messi currently takes part in Copa America with Argentina, he’s now probably aware that none of his teammates, or should we say former teammates for the time being, will give up on their salaries just so he can get even richer than he already is.