Flamengo are expected to announce next week the permanent signing of Andreas Pereira. Following the loan from Manchester United, the Rio de Janeiro side are believed to be buying the midfielder for a fee of €10.5m.

The problem is that things aren’t going very well for the 26-year-old in Brazil.

Pereira made a huge mistake in the Copa Libertadores final and is still held responsible for Flamengo’s loss. And even with the new season, he’s now getting heavy criticism from their fans.

The red and black side beat Madureira last night, and despite the win, the midfielder had a disappointing performance which drew a heavy reaction from their fans.

Even the local media is worried about the situation, as Flamengo are about to spend huge money on his signing.

One of those criticising the transfer is UOL’s Renato Maurício Prado, who claims this will be a mistake by the Brazilian club. He even wonders if they had already promised Manchester United they’d make the purchase.

“R$ 63 million for Andreas Pereira? Is this serious? I agree with André’s analysis, but I think Flamengo will not undo the deal. I think there’s something behind it all. I think there was a promise to buy when the club got his loan. The football that Andreas is playing does not justify paying all that amount for him.”

Meanwhile, UOL’s Mauro Cezar Pereira takes it differently, claiming Flamengo now need to worry about how Pereira will face this pressure.

“The reactions in the game against Madureira exposed the state of nerves of the athlete, who was not sent off because in the Carioca championship not every match has VAR. He ended up substituted and pressed by some red-blacks for the mistake in Montevideo in the final against Palmeiras.

“It’s up to Flamengo to seek help for the player. Psychology needs to enter the pitch. And if the club doesn’t choose it, it’s up to Andreas to do it himself. For his own good and to have a future in the club”