Paul Pogba Tuttosport July 19thTuttosport have a line on their Tuesday front page saying ‘Pogba lo United preocupa, ma 140 milioni…’

The gist in the newspaper’s reporting today is basically that if Paul Pogba does leave Juventus for Manchester United, then at least the Turin club will get a big chunk of money in return.

Tuttosport and Gazzetta dello Sport have gone to lengths over the past few days to explain Juventus don’t need to sell Pogba to finance a deal for Gonzalo Higuain, and they’re right on that, but a big chunk of cash can be rather exciting when received in the middle of the window… the possibilities are endless.

Inside is where the real Manchester United claims are made. Tuttosport say if Pogba wants to leave then ‘Mou’ will pay €140m for him.

Pogba’s value has risen over recent weeks in much the same way the pound has declined, an unfortunate situation for Manchester United.

Tuttosport say that until a few hours ago, Pogba to Manchester Untied was simply a rumour, but now things are more serious. That’s because, say Tuttosport, Manchester United have told Mino Raiola they’ll pay his client €10m a season, €13m when bonuses are included.

That contradicts Gazzetta dello Sport’s claims today of €12m.

The whole ‘this is serious’ line is being pushed strongly in Italy today, we’ve read it so many times that now Celine Dion sings it on loop in a mash of Pogba claims.

The Turin newspaper say that Juventus could even decline offers up to €140m, but couldn’t match the Manchester United wages offer.

This story is where it always was: Paul Pogba needs to tell Juventus he wants to leave, if he does, then Edward Woodward needs to spend an awful lot of money.

After weeks of claims, very little has changed. But, in Italy at least… baby this is serious.