It’s hard to remember where and when all the Claudio Bravo to Manchester City claims started, but it’s easy to remember when they got a boost.

Joe Hart’s performance for England against Iceland gave his critics the chance to really stick the boot in, and that chance was gladly taken.

It also saw the Marc Andre Ter Stegen rumour morph more into a Claudio Bravo rumour. Whilst Manchester City goalkeeper rumours weren’t that serious, and simply rumour mill fodder, then Ter Stegen was the ideal man.

Hart’s performance made things a little more real, and the more realistic option of Claudio Bravo was pushed forward. The Spanish media have been lapping it up, and whilst Barcelona outwardly want to keep Bravo, it’s been pointed out a sale isn’t such a bad option.

Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo go over the situation in their Monday edition and say €20m for a 33 year old would be an acceptable exchange.

On top of that it would allow Ter Stegen to be first choice goalkeeper for all competitions. The German is who Barcelona want to rely on for the long term, and he got frustrated last season watching Bravo from the bench.

If Barcelona give more games to Ter Stegen then Bravo will likely get frustrated. It’s a tough balancing act.

A move to Manchester City could suit all involved… apart from Joe Hart of course.