The general view in Italy is that if Inter Milan sell Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea then it’ll be the end of the club’s current era. Having won Serie A last season, Inter then saw Antonio Conte leave as the club set out trying to balance their accounts.

Achraf Hakimi then moved to PSG, yet it was thought that transfer wouldn’t kill the current team. Lukaku is a different scenario entirely, with him being the star of the show and the man Inter looked to for goals.

Beppe Accardi, a former footballer and described as a ‘market operator’ (likely an intermediary) by TMW, believes differently, and thinks that should Chelsea offer more than €100m then Inter should accept it without too much hesitation.

Asked about the situation, TMW quote Accardi as saying: “We are talking about over one hundred million. I would sell him. And I’d bet on Zapata. Today, Inter needs to look at the accounts.”

That may be the sensible approach from a financial perspective, but it’s not what Inter fans will want to happen. Just months after winning the league, they’re now facing the prospect of their title winning team losing its biggest star.