Brazilian outlet TNT Sports managed to have a good interview with Chelsea midfielder Jorginho following the Blues’ 1-0 over Zenit for the Champions League last night.

With the 29-year-old taking UEFA’s Player of the Year award, he talked a little about the chances he has of winning the Ballon d’Or at the end of the year.

“I believe anything can happen. Look where I came from, from so far away, from Imbituba. So anything is possible,” Jorginho told TNT Sports.

“I don’t believe in the impossible. Then anything can happen. The only thing I can tell you is that today I prefer to focus on what happened. And don’t waste energy creating expectations. Because if I build anticipation and spend energy on it, I miss the moment now. So I believe that living in the moment is much more important than creating expectations and forgetting about the present.”

“It was such a special moment. I think like that. That it’s nicer for me to enjoy this moment now, which was a really very special moment for me, and certainly for my family, for my friends, for those who are always with me. Today my family unfortunately could not be here. But for sure everyone was thrilled.”

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Jorginho also talked about Romelu Lukaku, who has four goals in four matches following his €115m move from Inter Milan this summer. Since the Belgian star speaks a little bit of Portuguese, the midfielder claims he’s been helping him to improve with the language.

“He said that he has not been practising for a few years, and we are helping him. Thiago and I speak Portuguese, he likes it. The lad is very good, very good. So we go on doing the Brazilian chat with him so he can improve his Portuguese. He likes it a lot. Sometimes there is a crash, we change to Italian, then we go to English, the important thing is to understand each other.”

Quizzed about how Lukaku behaves in training, Jorginho could only make big compliments towards his new teammate.

“He’s a guy, at first, very humble. He’s a very hard-working guy. So you see it on a daily basis. He always wants to improve. Practice is over, he goes with the goalkeeper alone to shoot at the goal. So you see that he’s hungry, that he wants to grow. He knows he has reached the top. But then you see the difference between a player and a great player, a champion.”

“The guy gets that high, the guy wants to keep improving. He is like this. That’s why these goals come. Because he works hard, he believes. He deserves it all. I can say that I am very happy, we are all very happy with his arrival and the help he has been giving to the team.”

Now with a pretty tough schedule, Chelsea prepare to face Tottenham Hotspur in North London on Sunday. Then they host Aston Villa for the EFL Cup, and have two big challenges against Manchester City in the Premier League and Juventus back in the Champions League.