Following the many stories from the Colombian media saying Watford are about to sign Elan Ricardo from Equidad, we now get to see a confirmation from his current club.

Club president Carlos Mario Zuluaga has been interviewed by Caracol Radio, and was asked about several players who may be moving abroad in the coming months.

Regarding Ricardo, the Equidad chief not only talked about the deal, but also confirmed it’s Watford who are taking him.

“We have a sealed bid for Elan Ricardo with Watford and an offer from international football for Johan Rojas.”

Recent reports from the Colombian media claimed that Watford are paying just €800k for the signing, and Equidad won’t even get a percentage from a future sale.

The midfielder only has 24 appearances for the club’s first team, most of them this season, so it seems the Hornets have been keeping a close watch on the Colombian league.

Ricardo is just 20-years-old and still to make his debut for his country, so it’s unlikely we’ll see him playing at the Copa America this summer.

Now it should be up to Watford to give him the conditions for a good adaptation to English football.