Chelsea may not have confirmed the signing of Estêvão yet, but the money they’re about to drop on that transfer continues to make some noise in Brazil.

Just recently, we saw World Cup champion Zinho claiming it’s ‘absurd‘ that the Blues are about to spend €65m on a player who’s ‘not even out of nappies yet’.

Now it’s UOL pundit José Trajano who has something to say about the transfer. He claims the price doesn’t make sense, hinting that there’s something shady about Chelsea’s investment.

“This Estêvão boy plays very well, he takes on, he’s a joy to watch. But isn’t the amount of money they’re saying Chelsea will pay a scandalous deal? Because Chelsea have signed some young players who haven’t worked out. So you want to give R$300 million for a 17-year-old… there’s something wrong with this signing deal.

“It’s not possible for a boy who has only played a few times in the first team. Just like Endrick, just like Vitor Roque. I think a lot of people are involved in all this money.”

Estêvão has shown a lot at Palmeiras’ youth ranks, and for a long time, the club’s fans believed they had a player better than Endrick coming out of their academy.

So far, he only has three goals and one assist in 18 games, and is still to show his full potential. Still, he’s obviously just 17, and is under development.

European clubs have been trying to guarantee the signings of Brazilian talents as early as possible, so this is a case where Chelsea are paying that amount more to beat other competitors than because of how much the player has done.