Marina Gravonovskaia gets blamed by some Chelsea fans for more than should could ever actually be responsible for, so perhaps Gazzetta dello Sport are trying to even things up.

The Italian newspaper report Maurizio Sarri has been convinced to join Chelsea by Gravonovskaia, turning down other approaches, including from Zenit, and setting his mind on a move to London.

Gazzetta’s Saturday front page carries the words ‘Sarri – Chelsea, oh yes’ and the theme is that there’s now general agreement the manager will take over at Stamford Bridge, and the signatures could come soon.

Sarri is said to already be thinking about his back-room staff, with some staying at Napoli, and there could be ‘surprises’ in that regard.

Despite all of that, and many other words, the two problems that have been around for the past few days still remain: Sarri’s €8m clause at Napoli, and paying Antonio Conte off.

Chelsea want to avoid the €8m, but Napoli simply aren’t the type of club to forget about such a sum and show some goodwill.

As for Conte, it’s stated that if Sarri is announced before the current manager is fired, then Conte is due even more compensation.

It’s progress, says Gazzetta… but perhaps not as we know it.