The Portuguese newspapers are having a few disagreements this Thursday. After having different information on Hector Herrera’s links with Liverpool, they now differ on Sandro’s negotiations with Sporting.

As we’ve covered earlier, Record said the transfer should be closed in the next few days. The only problem was the length of the contract, since Sporting offered three years and Sandro wanted four, and the player’s will should prevail in the end.

But A Bola say there are other problems. Club and player reportedly have agreed a three-year deal since the beginning, but Sandro’s current bonuses in England are an issue.

Besides his €2.5m yearly wages, the midfielder is said to earn £10k for every game for West Brom, where he spent the last season on loan. That’s quite different from Sporting’s payment standards, and these are the details that are blocking a deal for now.

A Bola also claims that the player is currently in Brazil and the transfer should be done in around eight days. Sporting are expected to pay QPR €1.5m for the 27-year-old.