After playing two World Cup Qualifiers for Chile, Alexis Sanchez is still in the country to take part in marketing events.

The player has given a press conference for Huawei today, and was obviously asked about his future at Arsenal.

Journalist Javier Rios, from Chilean newspaper El Grafico, has covered Sanchez’ quotes on Twitter. Asked if he’ll remain at Arsenal until the end of the season, the striker said: “I’m happy in London, I hope I can finish my contract at Arsenal.”

“I want to keep myself in a winning team and stay in the same city.”

Other Chilean journalists have quoted the player as saying “I want to play in a team that has aspirations.”

Still on Twitter, Rios questioned if staying in London would mean that Sanchez could be joining Chelsea.

Chelsea have indeed been linked to Alexis Sanchez in the past few days, but perhaps the player was just saying ‘London’ because that’s where Arsenal are anyway.

Chile lost Thursday’s match to Argentina 1-0, but then recovered with a 3-1 win over Venezuela, with Sanchez scoring a goal and making an assist.

The player will now be returning to London, as Arsenal are facing Manchester City at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday.