At the end of the last week, former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov made comments about Edinson Cavani not feeling great after Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at the club.

The sports media has been replicating the quotes for days, and it’s only now that the Argentine press realised a potential outcome for this situation.

Since Edinson Cavani got close to joining Boca Juniors earlier this year, it’s now said that his dissatisfaction at Old Trafford could give the Buenos Aires side another chance to land him.

There’s of course a little sensationalism about it, with TNT Sports saying reports from England have been claiming Cavani is leaving United at the end of his contract. That’s why they bring a big headline about it.

“Will Roman call him? He is free in mid-2022 and could reach Boca for free with the pass in his possession: In the last hours it was confirmed that the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani will not renew his contract with Manchester United.”

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Meanwhile, other outlets such as Minuto En Cancha try to stick to past events to show Boca Juniors should be interested in signing the striker once again.

“There’s a name that excites a lot, both to the fans of Boca and to the leaders themselves. If it materialises, it would be an arrival that would stomp in Argentine football. The name of Edinson Cavani has been on the Xeneize team’s radar for some time, even due to the player’s own statements, who already showed his desire to join the club.”

And El Intransigente recalls that not long ago, club vice-president Juan Roman Riquelme claimed he’d like to have Cavani for the time when they reopen La Bombonera.

“We miss our fans so much. If we want to see Cavani with Boca, the only different thing we can offer him is that our pitch moves and we need our people, they transformed the stadium into something unique. They jump, they sing. It’s unmatched.”

So unless Cavani goes public to dismiss the rumours of a departure, it seems the Argentine media is ready to repeat the big coverage they made earlier this year.