Jasper Cillessen to Liverpool rumours are becoming more believable, largely because it makes some sense.

With Jurgen Klopp at least half expected to go for a new goalkeeper this summer, and AS Roma’s Alisson seeming at least a little expensive, the Barcelona back-up could be a good option.

Highly rated before the made the move to Spain, Cillessen remains very highly thought of at Barcelona and in principle they wouldn’t  want to lose him. Initially it was claimed any club who wanted him, with Liverpool named more than any other side, would have to pay his €60m release clause.

That seemed nonsense, it’s unthinkable Barca would turn down €50m for their back-up keeper, so the question turned to what the tipping point is. That’s been estimated at anywhere between €20-35m, and there’s now been a development to encourage the rumours.

Catalan newspaper Sport go with a headline saying ‘Cillessen negotiating his exit?’ and cover Radio Marca claims that the goalkeeper was spotted at Barcelona’s training centre on Friday.

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He isn’t thought to injured, he’s supposed to be away from his club, and without Barca explaining the visit, rumours have been given a boost.

Sport say Cillessen has ‘proposals from several teams in the Premier League’, with Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal named. Napoli get a mention too.

The Dutchman is ‘tempted’ by the interest from clubs who would guarantee him more minutes.