Rui Patrício’s contract recision with Sporting has been approved by the responsible organ in Portugal, according to reports.

Outlet Record comes up with breaking news on Friday evening saying the CAP (Comissão Arbitral Partidária) has accepted the goalkeeper followed the right process.

There’s very little information for now, but the CAP are quoted as acknowledging the termination “for purely sporting purposes”, giving him the right of “sportingly untying” himself from the club.

Knowing Sporting as we do, it’s very likely that the Lisbon side will still fight the case down other avenues, passing the situation to FIFA or any other organ who could give them what they want.

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But this is a good sign for Wolves, it’s one small step along the right direction and doesn’t give Sporting any further fuel for their fire.

Sporting have already filed a complaint to FIFA seeking €54m from Wolves, requesting a two window transfer ban for the club, plus a six-month player ban for Patrício.

However, without CAP to back them up, taking the case all the way may be more difficult. An agreement between the two clubs remains the likeliest, and most sensible, outcome.