Believe it or not, Wolverhampton Wanderers’ preseason work is highlighted in three major Portuguese newspapers on Saturday.

Several journalists have been sent to follow Rui Patrício’s arrival at the club, and even though the goalkeeper didn’t speak to the press, the headlines are all about him.

That’s because midfielder Ruben Neves had a lot to say about the new signing, telling the newspapers that Patrício is ‘one of the best in the World’.

In quotes published by newspaper O Jogo today, Neves said: “He is a player capable of giving us points. He is the goalkeeper of the national team, European Champion, with a very great experience and one of the best in the world. So it’s always good for any team to have such a player. Any team would like to have Rui Patrício.”

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The midfielder also revealed that he has been in touch with Patrício for quite a while now, and helped him in his adaptation: “We had been talking for some time, ever since he knew he was coming here, to show how things are here and to explain what was needed. We get along very well and we were together in the national team too.

“Now he’s already adapted to the group. We are many Portuguese, which helps a lot, but all the people and English players are also spectacular and immensely help the new players to integrate well.”

Neves has also claimed that Patrício didn’t need any convincing to accept Wolverhampton’s invite to join the club: “No, when he sent me a message he had everything more or less sorted, so it wasn’t needed to convince him. Any player likes to play in the Premier League, any player dreams of coming to the Premier League and it’s not difficult to convince him to come to this league.”

The Happy Portuguese Ship continues to sail at Wolves.