Arsenal legend Robert Pires was interviewed by Chilean outlet La Tercera. The chat happened right after the Gunners’ 2-1 win against Burnley last weekend.

As South American newspapers traditionally do, most of their questions were about their compatriot, which in this case, is Alexis Sanchez.

With 17 goals and 13 assists this season, the Chilean striker is Arsenal’s main weapon in the title race. However, the uncertainty of a new contract plus alleged interest from China and elsewhere have been making fans concerned about his future in the Emirates.

But Pires, who works as a club ambassador, has made it very clear that Arsenal don’t underestimate the importance of Sanchez and will do what is needed to keep him there.

“It was impressive. Alexis doesn’t know what the pressure is,” said Pires when asked about the Panenka penalty scored by Sanchez which gave the Gunners a late win.

“You have to think that the 98th minute was being played and Arsenal weren’t winning by a three or four goal difference. It was one-one. You have to have a lot of balls to take penalties like Alexis does.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.38.48Then he was asked how the player’s Arsenal contract renewal is going: “I spoke to Alexis last week and asked about the renewal. He told me he didn’t know, that he only cared to play. The renewal is not a subject for Alexis. He doesn’t know what is going to happen, he just wants to play and enjoy.”

On the Chinese attempts to take Sanchez from the club, Pires said: “Yes, that’s what we all know. All we want is for Alexis to remain at Arsenal. I hope he renews his contract because he is a wonderful player. Alexis is the engine of the car. I hope he stays forever.”