Richarlison’s transfer to Watford came with a bit of surprise in Brazil. With Palmeiras and Ajax spending more time in negotiations, they were considered more likely destinations for the youngster, but the Hornets did everything quickly.

The transfer will have a big impact on Fluminense’s season, both because they’re losing their most promising player and for the money they’ll get from the transfer.

Brazilian website Globo Esporte published a very interesting interview today with Richarlison’s agent Renato Velasco. The representative gave many details on the transfer, including the official fee.

Regarding Watford’s job to get him, Velasco first talked about the club’s interest: “It showed up a month ago and then went cold. But Richarlison’s name was in the news all the time and caught their attention again. And it looks like it’s not far from Watford’s profile to spend much on signings.

“The bid arrived last Wednesday and everything was closed in a few days. It was indeed the most attractive offer. Ajax were not coming up with that amount. Another interesting thing is the Watford manager is Portuguese.”

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He also claimed the 10% that Fluminense will get of a future transfer was crucial for Watford to get him: “No doubt. Ajax’s offer did not have that option. Watford bought 100% of the economic rights. In the next sale, they get 90% and Flu get 10%.

“I think Flu will receive even a little more as a youth club. He spent a year and a half at the club before the age of 23. If we analyse it, the sale is good. He will play in the Premier League, become valued. In one, two years, that 10% can be worth a lot.”

Although the Fluminense president claimed the deal was worth €12.5m, the English media claim it’s £13m. The agent also made it clear: “The correct amount is €12.5m as the president announced. One of the requirements for him to play in the Premier League is that the transfer was over £10m (this will almost certainly be related to the work permit process). It was €12m initially, but then we reached the final value of €12.5m, which means just over £11m.”

Talking about a work permit, the agent doesn’t think it will be a problem: “I don’t believe so. Watford are already going after this. They even rushed because they want to have Richarlison ready for their debut against Liverpool on the 12th.

“In addition to the value of the signing being over £10m, one of the requirements, having defended Brazil’s youth national team also helps. Not to mention that he is under 21 and fits into a category of special talents.”