When Watford striker Richarlison was spotted crying on the bench after being substituted in the game against Chelsea last night, the pundits at ESPN Brasil started wondering if their reporters would manage to have a word with the player afterwards.

And it turned out that João Castelo Branco managed to speak to Richarlison in an exclusive post-match interview, in which the 20-year-old could explain his feelings and what he’s been through lately.

First speaking of the 4-1 win over Chelsea, Richarlison told ESPN Brasil: “During the week we have been preparing well. We studied Chelsea’s team. And we saw in the video the defects they were having there. In the last game they lost 3-0 at home. So we got to play on their mistake. And today we made a good match and we managed to leave with the victory.”

On the tears after being replaced, the player said: “It was a moment of letting go really. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to play. Because I work hard during the week. It was a moment of outburst. I wanted to be there helping my teammates. But who came in did a good job, and I was happy that my teammates were scoring too.”

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On the possibility of having less chances with a new manager Javi Gracia, since his friendship with Marco Silva had always been clear, Richarlison said: “I think not. The manager is with the group, has the group in his hand. He knows the potential of each one. So I’ll keep working, keep playing the way I’ve been. I think I was good in the game. I think he even subbed me because of the yellow [card]. So it’s about keeping working, and being focused that many better things will come out there.”

Asked about spending carnival in England, well, the Watford player had to agree there won’t be much to do: “No, there’s nothing, it’s cold. But the best things is to play, which is what I love. So there’s no better carnival than playing.”

Richarlison scored five goals in his first 12 Premeir League games, but has been struggling to find the net again, and hasn’t done it since November.

But the change of managers wasn’t enough to take him out of the team, so as long as Watford keep improving, the Brazilian will probably find his good form once again.