Sky Italia are siding with English suggestions that Mauricio Pochettino’s decision to leave Toby Alderweireld out of Tottenham’s trip to Turin could have ‘repercussions’, report Calciomercato.

A ‘goodbye’ is said to be ‘increasingly likely’ and of course there’s Italian interest in the potential transfer.

Walter Sabatini is presented as a long term fan of the Belgian defender and has made several attempts to sign him.

Sabatini was previously at AS Roma but is now technical coordinator for Inter Milan and could try again to sign Alderweireld in the summer transfer window, according to the claims.

There seems a desire to make a huge issue out of the Alderweireld situation, but if Tottenham were really considering a sale they’d surely get every little last bit of juice out of the defender rather than look after his long term fitness.

From the player’s perspective he’s hardly likely to get annoyed at Pochettino for looking after him in a season which ends with the World Cup in Russia.

There often seems to be something with Alderweireld, whether it be the (mis)reporting of his release clause, or hints there’s injury annoyance on either club or player side. Time will tell if it’s smoke without fire.