Pione Sisto is once again the subject of negative articles in the Spanish media.

Last year, Celta Vigo spent some time trying to get the player out of the club, but were met with resistance from Sisto.

A move to Aston Villa was put on the table, however, even though it would have given Sisto the chance of a new start and a crack at the Premier League, he rejected the opportunity to join the Birmingham club.

Now it looks like Celta will again try to edge the attacker out when the next transfer window opens. Last week, he left Spain without permission from his club and drove all the way back to Denmark.

Given the current crisis and strict rules on travel in Spain, it’s caused some anger, and AS say the player’s teammates have been left speechless after finding out.

AS talk of a big fine being prepared by Celta, given Sisto left without even telling his club, and therefore a transfer is again on the horizon.

Aston Villa are the only named club, yet it’s unclear whether they even remain interested given the previous rejection.