Following Bruno Guimarães’ two goals for Newcastle United last weekend, the Brazilian media is sounding pretty glad about the midfielder’s early success with the Magpies.

That’s why UOL today features a long story about his adaptation to the Premier League side, listing three ‘pillars’ that helped him to get the club’s and fans’ affection in just a few months.

The outlet managed to speak to people close to the player to find out that the relationship with Eddie Howe, the familiar environment and his easiness in speaking new languages all helped him.

UOL recalls that back in his first weeks at Newcastle, Bruno Guimarães had started most games on the bench, and he only found out the reason after he earned a place in the team.

It’s said Eddie Howe later explained he wanted the midfielder to see the team play from the bench. That way, he’d have a different perspective and see what the Magpies needed.

Guimarães’ fast adaptation to England is also credited to the people around him. UOL writes that his fiancée, his parents, his agent and his physical coach all moved to Newcastle with him.

So they, along with his dogs, make it all easier for him there.

The story even features an interview with his English teacher, Larissa Rosa, who highlighted how dedicated the player is.

Now with everything set up, the Brazilian works to be one of the stars in Newcastle’s new era.