DAZN Brasil at the weekend featured an interview with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp. The chat was conducted a day after his mother’s funeral and only released now.

The German coach was quizzed by reporter Renato Senise about how he’s changed as a person and as a manager during the Covid-19 pandemic, and he fully opened up when giving his answer.

“I don’t think about it too often. Because as long as the situation isn’t changing, it makes no sense. When you think about it, yes, it’s massive, the difference. Could I have imagined one year ago that my life would change like this and our life would change like this? Not at all,” Klopp told DAZN Brasil.

“I had no idea about it and it’s really tough for all of us. And for us as well, really hard. Work helps, obviously, when you can go to work, and will do the stuff you love, that helps, obviously.”

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“But family is at home and all these things. It’s months in lockdown, they can’t have their normal life as well. And we all get recharged when we go home, usually. You go home and you have family you love, friends you love, and if you see them, they all give you energy and these kind of things. And we all don’t have that. And it’s really tough.

“I’m not sure how it is in Brazil at the moment, but the situation is obviously very difficult as well. So it’s not my problem, it’s our problem. And we all have to live it in the moment, we all hope for a proper solution. So I actually can’t wait for it. We have all the same problem. We have to get through that together.”

Klopp and Liverpool now have a week off as they prepare to play Sheffield United in the Premier League at the weekend, which is followed by league games against Chelsea and Fulham.

With the Reds unlikely to retain their title, there’s now a bigger expectation for the Champions League clash against RB Leipzig on the 10th of March. The Anfield side won the first tie of the 2-0, and now try to confirm their place in the quarter-finals which will be a boost in a difficult season.

With doom and gloom on the domestic front, a hint of European glory would bring some cheer to Liverpool fans, and also their manager.