Pontus Jansson, like many people, was so shocked at the video showing a Jamal, a 15 year old schoolboy, being bullied in Huddersfield that he took to social media.

The Leeds United defender posted a message saying: “Little man, whatever I can do for you, I would do it. People like you are inspiration for so many to fight for justice! Be strong my warrior!”

The video has really touched Jansson, who recently became a parent for the first time.

He’s was shown the video by a friend, and has told Swedish newspaper Expressen: “I definitely do not win any bonus points with anyone but if my greetings can come to this guy, I will be the happiest of all. He deserves all the love he can get. It was actually my friend who advised me to see the clip and he warned me that he had been badly affected and that it hit him hard. So when I started the clip, I was prepared, but when I saw it, it really hurt in my heart.”

Being a new father has changed the way Jansson sees the world, as it does for most new parents, and the Leeds United player went on to say: “When I became a dad just over a month ago, you have a completely different picture of children. I imagine that this would happen to my daughter, then I honestly do not know what I could have done. But when that happens to a person who leaves war and probably a tough upbringing it makes it even worse. No person should ever have to experience it, and the positive of social media is that he is likely to see what support he has and how many people are with him.”

Jansson is such a likeable footballer and clearly a good human being too. He’s certainly not the type to keep quiet in the face of something which has touched him and he certainly won’t be doing it for attention.

“To me it has always been natural to take a stand and I cannot sit and be silent when I think things are wrong, especially when it’s something like this that hurts to see.”

A GoFundMe page was opened for Jamal and his family. So far there’s been £87k raised of the £100k target. This will help provide the family with foundations for their life in the UK and help make decisions over Jamal’s education.

If you want to help you can do so by clicking this link.