Depending on which newspaper you choose to peruse on a daily basis, or how involved you are on Arsenal Twitter, you might have heard the rather extravagant story that Juventus were interested in Jack Wilshere.

The once Gunners’ prodigy appears to be following in the steps of Wojcech Szczesny, trying to use loan deals to rise from the ashes, but unlike his Polish ex-teammate, it hasn’t gone all that well for him.

Last season’s spell at Bournemouth wasn’t exactly the huge success a lot were expecting it to be, and with just over two weeks of the transfer window left, the 25-year-old is still looking for the next move in his career.

Another loan to a Premier League club seems the likeliest outcome, yet some English reports have mentioned interest from Italy, including the reigning Serie A champions.

Well, over in Italy, they’ve made it clear that isn’t the case.

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Gazzetta dello Sport, in their Monday edition, go out of their way to talk about the ‘rumour’, saying that reports ‘from England have linked Wilshere’.

Their answer to that? “The reality is the names [of midfielders of interest] are always the same.”

In case you were wondering, Wilshere isn’t a part of the subsequent list, which is comprised of Emre Can, Kevin Strootman, Mateo Kovacic, André Gomes and Blaise Matuidi (if Paris Saint-Germain sign Fabinho).

It’s not everyday the Italian media go that much out of their way to put a story to bed, normally thriving in the rumour mill nonsense, but the fact they have done suggests they don’t want Jack Wilshere’s name anywhere near Juventus for now.