Earlier this month, before Vasco da Gama opened talks with Aston Villa to sign Philippe Coutinho, Cruzeiro had been reported as contenders for the midfielder.

Those rumours disappeared as soon as it was claimed that the player would favour a move to the Rio de Janeiro side instead, but it seems not all hope is gone.

Cruzeiro owner Pedro Lourenço has been interviewed by Globo, and since his takeover is recent, they’ve been linked to countless players recently.

The businessman was then asked about the desire to sign Coutinho from Aston Villa. And he confirmed there’s the objective to buy him.

“A big dream is Coutinho, for example. We have a big dream of bringing him in. A player like that.

“Coutinho is a real dream, and if we can bring him in, we’ll make every effort.”

It’s recently been reported by UOL that Aston Villa are negotiating the end of Coutinho’s contract. They’re willing to get rid of his wages, and escape further money owed, they’re willing to do him a favour by letting him move for free. The talks are said to be at an advanced stage, and only a huge offer from Cruzeiro would now change the scenario, given the player’s love for Vasco.