It appears, at least according to the Italian media on Wednesday, that the Alexis Sánchez situation is about to come to a close.

There had been a number of reports that Manchester United and the Chile international were going to reach an agreement to release him of his contract soon, which would then allow him to move to Inter on a free transfer and sign for them permanently.

Corriere dello Sport cover it shortly but sweetly on Wednesday, claiming the forward ‘will probably be bought by Inter today’.

They state ‘little is missing’ from the ‘white smoke’ for the termination of his contract at United and the signing of a ‘three-year €7m/year post tax + bonuses’ contract with the Italians.

It’s said there’s only ‘small formalities’ left, and there was a ‘dense exchange of emails’ on Tuesday between the player’s agent, Fernando Felicevich and the English club.

Over in Italy, Beppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio are ‘just waiting for this situation to be defined’ before announcing the ‘brilliant operation’ that sees them ‘take a world-class player for free’ who still has ‘a lot to give’.

For them, doing so on a deal that will ‘only’ cost them €9m/year on their accounts is seen as a ‘real bargain’.