Earlier this week, Manchester United confirmed the appointment of Ralf Rangnick as interim manager until the end of the season.

It’s no surprise the German’s arrival has seen the Red Devils linked to players from the Bundesliga, including their reported long-term target, Erling Haaland.

On Thursday, Bild journalist Christian Falk reported the new United manager ‘will try to convince’ the Borussia Dortmund star to join him at Old Trafford.

Rangnick has close ties with the Norway international’s family, which he developed when helping Red Bull Salzburg sign the 21-year-old from Molde in 2019. The 63-year-old started his coaching career at FC Viktoria Backnang, a club he also spent time at as a player.

Ralf Kropf, friend and former teammate of Rangnick at Viktoria Backnang, is of the belief the latter ‘will do everything’ to sign Haaland for United. That’s according to TV2, who also managed to get comments from Kropf, a ‘close friend’ of the former RB Leipzig boss.

“In Germany, there are two top strikers, Haaland and Robert Levandowski, where Haaland has the big advantage in terms of age. He’s going to be a world star, I’m sure. He will not stay in Germany for long. He will probably move to Spain or England,” Kropf told TV2.

Kropf also believes the Borussia Dortmund striker would be a right fit for Manchester United.

“He is already familiar with Rangnick, so it could probably fit. Yes, it is no secret that Rangnick tried to get Haaland to RB Leipzig before he chose Dortmund,” he explained.

“I do not think he is a fan of any one player, he is looking for players who fit into his system. Someone who scores goals like Haaland, any coach will need.

“He has always been interested in finding younger players, and I think he had thought it would be very exciting to put him together with Ronaldo.”