A Bola is not the only Portuguese outlet claiming Benfica could cancel the loan of Erdal Rakip to Crystal Palace this Monday.

Outlet Record backs up this information, saying the Libson side are currently evaluating the situation to see if the transfer is worth being called off or not.

With Filip Krovinovic’s knee injury this weekend, Benfica are in need of a good midfielder to replace him, and since Rakip has joined the club this month, he could be the pleasant surprise for manager Rui Vitória.

The decision hasn’t been taken yet, and at least according to Record, it should take a few days until the Portuguese club’s staff decide if the player should end up staying.

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Even though Rakip has already been in London, he’s now expected to wait for the decision to see if the move will go on or not.

Record point out that even if Rakip is taken into Benfica’s squad, he’ll need a ‘period of adaptation’ since he hasn’t played since the Swedish league ended in November. A kind of mini pre-season, which would surely also be the case at Palace.

Now let’s see how will Crystal Palace react to this situation, especially after Roy Hodgson already announced the player’s arrival.