It’s not only at Manchester United that Cristiano Ronaldo’s importance recently became questionable.

The 37-year-old is now going through a similar situation with the national team, with the local media claiming that the squad is wondering whether he should continue to be ‘untouchable’.

Portugal beat Czech Republic 4-0 at the weekend, but Ronaldo still couldn’t have a great performance, as he missed a couple of chances and also gave away a penalty.

Newspaper Correio da Manhã today features a story claiming there’s now some criticism towards the Manchester United star in the national team locker room. It’s claimed that despite all the respect they have for the country’s legend, they don’t like how ‘the subject is being handled’.

Last week, Benfica star Rafa Silva caught everyone by surprise by retiring from international football at the age of 29. Now this report claims it has to do with this matter, as he doesn’t believe they should have this ‘obsessive scheme’ where they’re lined-up with Ronaldo ‘plus ten’.

Correio da Manhã claims that even though the squad do not ask Ronaldo to be removed from the team, they wonder if he’s really ‘untouchable’, and the comparison is with Manchester United, as club manager Erik ten Hag has mostly been keeping the forward on the bench lately.