Over the summer, Nicklas Bendtner was linked with several clubs before finally signing for Nottingham Forest. Several English clubs were apparently interested in a deal, and one of the most linked was QPR.

The deal never happened, and since then there have been claims that QPR were never really that interested anyway, but Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet report on Friday that there was certainly some level of interest, only for everything to be killed when the Championship club were told a lie about the player.

Ekstra Bladet say that soon after ‘flirtations’ between Bendtner’s camp and QPR were reported in the media, the London club were made aware of some information which may well have put them off.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 16.46.30Bendtner was said to have had a night out in Copenhagen, which would have underlined the idea that he was still a party boy and not committed enough as a professional footballer.

However, the story was false. Bendtner was in London at the time drinking nothing stronger than water, being well behaved.

The ‘lie’ wrecked any talks that were taking place, and showed Bendtner how much his reputation, which he is to blame for, could harm his professional prospects.