Sunday’s edition of Record has a headline saying Claude Puel ‘admits’ Adrien Silva is set to leave the Fixes during the January transfer window.

The Portuguese newspaper may be stretching that somewhat, Puel was rather vague on players leaving in the winter market and whilst he made it clear moves are possible, like in any window, he certainly wasn’t specific.

Interest in Portugal is because the idea of Adrien returning to Sporting is one liked by both the country’s sport media and the Lisbon club.

The midfielder did fall out with Bruno de Carvalho over his exit, but the former president is now out of office and more concerned with criminal charges than causing Adrien issues.

Whilst Sporting want Adrien and it’s believed he wants them, Record explain Leicester City have a ‘priority’ transfer solution. If they’re going to loan the player out then they want it to be to a club paying all his wages.


Sporting can’t do that. Therefore the solution is to wait and hope nobody else comes in. Alternatively, the player himself could give up some of his salary.