RMC have picked up an interview Thomas Meunier has given to Belgium’s RTBF and in doing so will have launched it to a wider audience.

The PSG right back has found himself in a situation that it’s likely Dani Alves will be picked ahead of him for most games, despite some feeling Meunier is actually the better performer.

Meunier has made it clear that, despite being happy at PSG, if he needs to move to get regular football then that’s what he’ll do, and that’s where Everton have come into the picture.

In a laid back style come-and-get-me-plea to anyone in Europe interested, Meunier explained: “I do not ask too much for now, what I want is to play football. If I have to go down a notch to be able to be on the pitch, I’ll do it. We will see how it goes, I have two more years in Paris, my goal is to stay in. I like it a lot, just like my family. The club did not contact me, it’s hard to predict.

“I could aim at a club like Everton, Valencia or Dortmund. Michy Batshuayi did really well going there, the fun is playing football, and that’s the only thing I miss right now.”

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Meunier is 26 years of age and has proven himself a very capable right back, one of an increasingly few actually proficient at defending.

His PSG contract runs until June 2020, and if Meunier feels Everton could be the club for him, then it’s worth consideration dependent on what the plan with Seamus Coleman is.