There’s been absolute fury in Argentine following their Copa America exit to Brazil.

After some controversial decisions during the semi-final, which Brazil won, accusations were made of officials favouring the home side and wanting them to win the competition.

Argentina then faced Chile in the third place play-off, and although they managed to win the game 2-1, there were again claims of unfair officiating.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi was sent off after an altercation with Gary Medel, and after the match he talked about corruption in the competition, all geared towards Brazil winning the trophy.

The comments haven’t gone unanswered.

After winning in the final, PSG defender Marquinhos spoke to TMW, and hit back at Messi: “When you lose you need to keep your head high and accept the defeat. Argentina has had a great match against us, there have been mistakes by the referee and they can happen in every game. However, I have never seen Messi speak of corruption when Barcelona has received favours from the referee.”

Thiago Silva has also had his say and brought up Barcelona’s remontada victory against PSG in the Champions League. RMC quote him as saying: “The referee had a ridiculous performance but we did not say anything. We must respect the story. We have five stars (for World Cups) and none have been stolen.”

There’s already been talk of possible sanctions against Messi for his comments, and it’s unlikely the last has been heard of this.