‘PSG, no. Arsenal, no.’ – Luis Enrique won’t be going to Paris this summer or taking over from Arsene Wenger, report Mundo Deportivo on Friday.

Thomas Tuchel is all set to become PSG’s new manager, and whilst the Catalan newspaper claim Arsenal ‘will replace Wenger’ at the end of the season, they don’t think it’ll be Enrique taking over.

So, as it stands, that ‘leaves the one which was first option’. Chelsea.

The former Barcelona manager has been repeatedly linked with Chelsea in recent months, with several claims of an agreement being in place. Those claims drifted off and Enrique slipped out of the consciousness for the Chelsea job, with other managers coming more into focus.

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But Mundo Deportivo believe the move to Stamford Bridge could still be on this summer, as Roman Abramovich looks for an Antonio Conte replacement.

Chelsea managerial reports at the moment are such a circus that it would be no surprise if the club themselves haven’t yet decided on the man they want to take over from Conte.

Whilst a lot of the links make sense, a lot of it has felt like educated guesswork presented as something more serious.

And that’s what this could be, an assumption.